The Amenity Standard

A significant UK wide development designed to reassure the public of the safety and effectiveness of methods used for weed, pest and disease management

Over recent years there has been greater public and political interest in methods used for managing weeds, pests and diseases in public spaces. This has been especially true when related to chemical products, and there have been a number of media stories which have fuelled that concern. In such circumstances, the public naturally seek both reassurance that all methods used are safe and operators fully trained and some way of checking that this is so. The newly introduced Amenity Standard is designed to provide that reassurance and is a major step forward in the sector. If operators can demonstrate that they hold the Standard, there can be confidence that processes and products used are safe and meet legal requirements and staff are fully trained and certificated.

The Amenity Forum is the UK’s Voluntary Initiative fully recognised by Government, and its main objective is to promote best practice across the sector. It seeks to do this by advocating a fully integrated approach to weed, pest and disease management, tailoring solutions to meet specific situations and making use of the correct techniques, using approved chemical and non chemical, to produce the most effective and efficient outcome whilst seeking to create safe and healthy amenity spaces fit for purpose. The Amenity Forum has taken the lead in introducing the UK wide Amenity Standard, a major step forward in highlighting the importance of amenity management and the need to use professionally approved operators in any public space.

Amenity Standard