The Amenity Forum

The Amenity Forum is a UK wide initiative promoting best practice in all aspects and methods of weed, pest and disease management. It seeks to continue to drive up standards in the sector and also communicate to the public and all key stakeholders the important and essential nature of weed, pest and disease management. Indeed such activity impacts upon every UK citizen providing safe and healthy amenity areas, sustainable environments and sports and other playing surfaces fit for purpose and to standards expected.

The UK government seeks to ensure the highest standards in all aspects of pest management in the sector. It does this through both regulation and by requiring the industry to regulate itself and demonstrate its commitment to best practice. As such, the UK government recognise the Amenity Forum under an independent chair as being the voluntary initiative co-ordinating the efforts of organisations across the sector and promoting all aspects of best practice. Indeed, the Forum is charged with regular reporting back to government on progress and the achievement of key targets established within the UK National Action Plan.

The measures relating to weed, pest and disease control, both voluntary and legal,  are driven by two principal UK Directives, Sustainable Use and Water Framework. Each EU country has to have a National Action Plan showing how it will promote best practice and implement the Directives. The main objective of the Directives is to ensure safe and healthy sustainable environments and ensure techniques employed to achieve this outcome are safe and do not pose a threat to human health.

Whilst its principal source of funding is through payments from member organisations, it is not a representative organisation. Members make modest annual subscriptions to demonstrate their commitment to the Forum’s purpose and support its activities and the Forum does not promote their services or operations. Members are drawn from a wide spectrum across this diverse and important sector.

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