The Amenity Standard seeks to provide a common measurement of quality for organisations undertaking amenity management operations.  The Amenity Standard is administered by the Amenity Forum.

  • All amenity organisations that want to work under this standard will belong to a quality assurance scheme managed by a scheme operator that is recognised by the Amenity Forum.
  • The scheme operator will measure the performance of the approved organisation against their criteria that have been approved as meeting the Amenity Standard. This will provide assurance that operations undertaken in that amenity space are of high quality and meet the high expectations of the Amenity Standard.

  • Once an organisation is approved by their scheme operator, they can apply to their scheme operator to be able to use the Amenity Standard logo on their stationery, vans, in their offices, etc.

  • The scheme operators will provide the Amenity Forum with names and contact details of all their approved scheme members and will update the Amenity Forum as soon as the status of any of their members changes, eg they withdraw from their scheme or they successfully renew, or they are suspended, etc.

  • The scheme operators are audited each year by the Amenity Forum to ensure they are compliant with the requirements of the Amenity Standard.

  • Scheme operators are required to undertake the following under the Amenity Standard:

    *  Document and make available to all applicants and registrants the requirements of the Amenity Standard. Secure commitment, upon registration, from approved organisations to abide with, and meet, the requirements throughout their involvement in the quality assurance scheme.

    *  Where necessary, provide guidance to an approved organisation on where to obtain advice and training to enable compliance with the Amenity Standard requirements.

    *  Make the Amenity Standard document and relevant scheme provider documents available, without charge to customers, complainants and others with a legitimate interest.

    *  Develop ways to measure compliance with the Amenity Standard requirements including dispute trends and root-cause analysis; and to make these available at audit.

    *  Regularly update any changes in provisions in the light of changing circumstances and expectations, ensuring that approved organisations are informed of any changes.

    *  Provide on-going technical help and advice, as appropriate - provided such help/advice does not cause any conflicts of interest and is not considered to be consultancy.


A Sign of Quality

Those meeting the Amenity Standard are eligible to display a logo that will convey to the public and customers that the organisation has in effect a ‘licence to practice’ and that they can be assured that operations undertaken are at best practice standards and fully meet legal requirements. It will convey that the badge holding organisation is committed to seeking to provide safe, healthy and fit for purpose amenity spaces.  

Application Form

If you would like to apply to join The Amenity Standard, please complete the application form.